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Salvage & Reconstruction

Millions of vehicles every year in the United States are deemed Salvage. In the last five years, the number of salvage title vehicles has increased by 50 percent in the market. A lot of these vehicles are sold by the sellers after rebuilding, and they fail to disclose the crucial information of this title information to the buyers. 

But you do not have to worry as will protect you from buying salvage vehicles. We will provide you with the information regarding salvage vehicles, and about the vehicles that have been rebuilt again after getting damaged by flood, fire, or any other disaster. We will also provide you the information regarding odometer rollback, gray market vehicles, etc. It is our complete responsibility to help you buy a safe used vehicle that will not create any unnecessary trouble for you in the future. 


What is Inside Our Free Salvage VIN Report? 


In our reports, you will find information regarding all the titles. From fire brand to flood brand, you will get all the title information for absolutely free. All these things are crucial to know in order to make a good purchase of the vehicle, and that is exactly what we are going to help you with. A title can provide you with a lot of information regarding the vehicle, which is crucial before you make a purchase of a used vehicle. 

Damage Title Brands Check

You can never know the history of a vehicle only by just looking at it. You will never know about its safety until you sit on it and find it out. But if you want to avoid those things, then you can do that by getting damaged title brands to check. You will come to know if the vehicle has suffered any major damage due to any reasons. After making sure everything is going the plan, you can hire an expert to assist you further. All these simple things are crucial before purchasing a vehicle. If you keep doing this, you will be able to buy a safe car at a very good price. 

Loan Title Checks allows you to learn about the insurance and loan issues of the vehicle. You will come to know about loan repayment, repossession records, etc., in our records. Do not purchase a car if its loan is not cleared. If you buy that car whose loan is not cleared, then the third party or bank will repossess it. 

What Exactly is a Salvage Title? 

A salvage title is given to the vehicle by an insurance company after confirming it’s a total loss and total damaged. Not every state follows the same criteria for determining if the vehicle is completely damaged. When the cost of repairing a vehicle is uneconomical, that is when it is given a salvage title.

It is very crucial for you to make sure the vehicle you are going to buy has not been given a salvage title. Some fraudsters sell such kinds of vehicles in order to sell them at a high price. But you cannot rely on the safety of those vehicles, and they may work well for a few days, but after that, they will start showing their signs. So, it is better you do a title check before making the purchase.  

If you are searching for the salvage records on our website, here are the things we will provide you with: 

Title of the Vehicle

Odometer Readings 

Primary and Secondary Damage

Type of Damage or Loss

You may need all this information in order to make the decision regarding the used vehicle’s purchase.