Payment: $1 Vehicle History Report

  •  We charge $1 per report so that we can keep our records up-to-date.
  •  Sites claiming to offer free data may be giving you bad information.
  •  Companies that charge $40 are just taking advantage of you.
Total per report: $1.00


I have to drive back and forth between the USA and Mexico, and I wanted a reliable vehicle that wouldn't leave me stranded in a foreign country. Thanks guys for making sure I was buying the right hunk of junk! haha

Enrique from Austin, TX

I flip cars for a living. This service is absolutely fantastic. For a dollar per report compared to carfax I save thousands. Which means I make thousands haha

Jason from New York, NY

VS instantly delivered my report in my browser and a link to my inbox. I was surprised with the quality of the report given the cost was only a dollar. It had pretty up to date mileage, from the last time I took it into the shop. Very nice guys!

Noah from Colorado Springs, CO