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Where can I find my VIN?

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License Plate Lookup

License Plate Lookup is one of the best ways to get some crucial information regarding the vehicle that you want to buy. If you have any plans of buying a used car in the United States, then you should definitely consider getting this service. We provide the best free search that allows you to get all the crucial data you need regarding the vehicle you wish to buy. 

At, we provide the best DMV-free license plate lookup. It is a very easy and simple process in which you just have to enter your license plate number and you will get all the information after hitting the “check plate” button. If the number you have entered is right, then you will get all the records. 

But, it can be possible you are not aware much of this thing and want to learn a bit more. Do not worry as we have gathered all the information for you in the upcoming section regarding license plate lookup. 

License Plate Search: What is it?

In a license plate search, you check for all the records of a vehicle by using its license plate number. You can easily check the records of the vehicle in the United States by using this number. But this is not the most convenient way. It is actually the second best way to look for vehicle records after VIN. VIN comes in the first place when you want to know something about the vehicle, but sometimes, when it is not available, you can reach out to us and get our services of license plate search. 

But it is not really less-better than VIN when it comes to providing the vehicle’s history records. A lot of people are not aware of the fact it is linked to the VIN in public vehicle records. That means it can still provide you with all the major history records of a used vehicle that can alter your major decision of purchasing a used vehicle.

What are the Reports You Can Get From Us?

Now, let us have a look at the records and information you will get by searching for license plate numbers from us.


By simple research of license plate number, you will get all the information regarding that vehicle. You will get the detailed specifications and a few history reports. You will get the accident history of the vehicle, as well. You will also get the information regarding the current owner of the vehicle. The other information you will get is Lien records, title history, and sales records. You should also expect registration information from the search. Do not be surprised if you see the make year of the vehicle, its engine capacity, expired registration, etc. 

Repair Records

This is part where you should start putting some extra attention. This is one of the parts where you get some crucial information regarding the history of the vehicle. You will come to know about the junk, loss records, etc., of the vehicle. You will also learn about the accidental history of the vehicle. You will come to know about the current condition of the vehicle, its odometer reading report, and the full maintenance report.

Traffic Court Records

Well, it is not the most important part to look for when you are going to buy a used vehicle, but still, you should not ignore anything. It will provide you with information regarding traffic accidents, data from the court, traffic law violations, etc. You will also come to know if the license of the driver at that time was suspended or not.

What Should You Look for While Searching?

If you are someone who just expects the kind of reports to appear in front of you, then this is for you. Let us provide you with some of the main points you should focus upon while searching: 

  • Accidental History of the Vehicle
  • Lien and Repossession Records
  • Flood Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Inspection, Service, and Registration History. 

From Where Do We Get The Information?

Well, no matter what, you are still searching the information from us online, which means it is hard to trust anything. But you should rest assured while searching for the information from us because we only bring you the reports from trustworthy and official databases. Everything we provide is legal, so you can easily make the decisions based on the reports you get here.