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used car background check

Benefits of doing a VIN check


Whether you want to do a used car background check or learn all the features of a vehicle, you can always use the vehicle identification number. But that is not all that VIN is about. Have a look at its top benefit.

It eliminates the guesswork of Features and Specifications

Today’s vehicles are more complicated than ever. It’s not easy to identify and capture every detail of a vehicle. An advanced VIN coder can identify the VIN number of the vehicle, as well as any installed or available optional equipment and other details.

A VIN decoding solution can be very useful in a variety of situations, including listing inventory, quoting insurance policies, and servicing vehicles. So what are you waiting for? Learn car features by VIN now.

Shows proof of year make model

Most car insurance companies require that consumers provide the VIN number of their vehicle before they give a quote and/or insure them. The VIN is useful for identifying the vehicle’s features and specifications, as well as ensuring that the insurance provider insures the vehicle.
It is not enough to rely on the vehicle description of the customer. President Ronald Reagan stated, “trust but verify.” Each VIN number can only be used to register one driver.

VIN decoding takes less time

There seems to be no time in a day to do everything. It can be time-consuming and tedious to manually update your vehicle inventory. Many of these steps can easily be automated using a bulk-VIN decoder.
A VIN decoding solution can generate inventory listings that are nearly ready for marketing with just a click. Another great way to increase efficiency is to identify vehicle details using a VIN scanner.

Vehicle history tied

Each vehicle has a unique VIN that carries the vehicle’s history through its entire life. Only VIN lookup can provide vehicle history. You should have access to vehicle history reports providers such as Carfax and AutoCheck if you are dealing with used vehicles.
We wrote this article to clarify the differences between VIN check tool and VIN decoder.

Recognizing open recalls

A year, make, and model search can be used to find general safety recall information. However, it won’t tell consumers if there is an open recall on their vehicle. VIN lookup is vital for consumers in order to find open recalls on their vehicle, or the vehicle they are considering buying. It is vehicle-specific. These are great resources that we highlighted in our Takata recall blog article.

VIN lookup is better than the year make model. However, you should not scrap YMM. Combining VIN search and YMM searches will enable your business and customers to identify as many details as possible.