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What is a Branded Title? 

Imagine you are looking for a car and you come across this great deal. Now, this is all you have ever wanted in a deal and you are happy to see the price, which is actually lower than most of the deals. Now, the ad says it has a branded title. And now you stop for a second and wonder about Branded Title. What is it and why does it matter? 

Well, it is true that the car is available at a great price for you but you should always research a bit more before buying it. You do not want to be a part of any unnecessary trouble for the sake of a few dollars. Now, it is time to learn about branded title vehicles. 

As you know, the title of a car contains the car’s previous history. If the title is not clean, that means it has a branded title. It is given when the vehicle faces some kind of damage in the past, from fire, flood, theft, etc. The car title history is what you should keep in mind when you look at branded and clean titles. 

Coming to the actual meaning of the branded title, if we exclude a few exceptions, it basically means the insurer of that vehicle has declared it a complete loss. The vehicle is then repaired and it costs to get its parts back, and then the insurer buys the vehicle back and assigns the title brand to it. You can always get a free title history report on to learn more about it. 

Branded Titles Types    

It is true that you can always get car title history free in just a couple of simple clicks, but things do not end here. There are a few types of branded titles that you should know. 

Salvage Title Brand

The salvage title is arguable the most generic term used for branded titles. This term can be used to describe any kind of damage or loss to the vehicle, it just depends on which state you are living in. From fire-damaged to floor-damaged, it can even be used for a car that has been stolen. 

If you think of a car having a salvage title brand then it is not much different from buying a lottery ticket, you just have no idea what kind of vehicle you are going to get. But these vehicles are usually repaired and eventually come back to the roads. 

Water Damage Title Brand

Now, a few states might include this thing in the salvage title brand itself. The vehicles possessing this title have received damage from water, like, hurricanes or flooding, etc. 


It is not usually recommended to buy a vehicle with a water damage title brand. You never know if the electronics, airbags, and other safety parts of the vehicles are going to work. They may seem fine at first but it is not a good idea to trust them with your life. 

Rebuilt Title Brand

When the vehicle is completely rebuilt and ready to hit the road, the title is changed to “rebuilt” from “salvage.” Other similar titles used for this are “reconstructed,” “salvage rebuilt,” etc. 

But if you want to be more precise, you can get a title history report and confirm the history of the vehicle from there. 

Non repairable Title Brand

In a few instances, when the vehicle is non repairable, this kind of title is handed to it. It mainly occurs due to the severe damage which cannot be repaired. Extreme collision sometimes can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle which can make it difficult for it to hit the road again. You can never use this vehicle as your regular vehicle, but you can use it to get some parts. 

Junk Title Brand

It is not much different from a nonrepairable brand. But this title is not given only because of the accidental damage. You should not buy a junk title brand vehicle unless you need its parts. It is never a good buy if you are looking for a regular car.

These are some of the most common title brands you will see when you are looking to buy a used car. You should always research a bit more and find out if it is worth buying a vehicle that is having certain kind of branding title. To learn more about the vehicle’s history, you can always use the vehicle identification number.