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Facts About VIN

Facts About VIN, VIN Decoding, and Vehicle Data

A Vehicle Identification Number holds a lot of information about the Vehicle. It contains 17 characters and is unique for every vehicle. But this number is not as simple as it sounds. Today, we will present you with some interesting facts regarding the Vehicle Identification Number, VIN decoding, and the data of the vehicle.

Not All VIN Decoders Decode All The 17 Characters of VIN

Decoding all the digital VIN is just too expensive, and that is why most decoders do not try to decode all the characters of this number. Most of the decoders just try to decode the first 8 characters, the 10th and 11th characters. You can do a VIN Free Check to find information regarding your vehicle. You can even learn if it has been stolen or not.

A Few RVs Have Two VIN Numbers

We all have heard that there is only one VIN for every vehicle, and that is why it is unique as it contains information regarding that specific vehicle. They can also provide free vehicle reports if we look for them. But a few RVs can have two Vehicle Identification Numbers. There are different types of RVs available in the market, such as Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. These motorhomes’ RVs can have more than one VIN.

Not All VIN Contains 17 Digits

Now when you do a VIN Number Lookup, you have to enter 17 digits. But it was not always the case. Actually, the proper format of VIN was followed after the year 1981, and before that, the vehicle used to carry 8-10 characters VIN, and sometimes even less. There was not much strictness as it is today on the Vehicle Identification Number prior to 1981.

After 1981, the importance of VIN also skyrocketed. It became so easy for the government to keep track of all the vehicles. And since then, most of the world follows the idea of VIN.