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Free Odometer Check Online

The instrument that measures your traveled distance by a vehicle is called an Odometer. You may not realize it, but some fraud sellers and thieves change the readings of Odometer in order to make the vehicle more appealing to the consumers. 

Now, the unfortunate thing is you cannot distinguish between the real readings and false readings simply by a test drive or by any other simple means. 

If you want to check the real readings of an odometer, you will have to look at the vehicle’s history records. You will have to look at the inconsistencies there in order to catch the fraudster. The accurate reading of an odometer will provide you with an insight into the vehicle’s history as well. 

Check a Vehicle's Odometer Readings

Find out the actual mileage of the vehicle with the help of reports. 

Now, the reading of an odometer plays a crucial role in deciding if you should buy that vehicle or not. The more readings an odometer is showing, the more used that vehicle is, which means, the older. 

Now, when a vehicle travels, it experiences some damage, as well. It will require services and new parts, etc. So, doing a free odometer check can provide you with all around the history of the vehicle. 

By doing that, you will come to know about the accurate mileage and how properly it is maintained. If you remain careless during these moments, you can face certain problems. 

Odometer Rollback

If you do not pay attention to the odometer readings and history of the vehicle, you can face the issue of odometer rollback, which has been there for decades troubling people. 

Similar to other components of the vehicle, fraudsters can modify the odometer and fool the buyers. Now, the fraudster can roll back the device and decrease the amount of distance recorded by this component. 

This problem was very common when odometers were mechanical, but it became harder to roll back when they switched to digital in the early 2000s, but it is still not impossible to use them against you. Now, fraudsters use various amounts of software and even change the circuit boards in order to reduce the amount of distance recorded by an odometer. 

You should know how you can detect the rollback. The best way to determine how much distance a vehicle has traveled is by knowing how much the engine has lasted and how much service the vehicle requires. You can also ask for the overall value of the service. Checking the actual value of a vehicle is cheaper than checking the actual readings of an odometer.  

If you want to know the actual readings and want to get other history reports of the vehicle, then you can do that on You can simply put up the VIN Number and learn about the history of the vehicle. It will help you to differentiate the facts from what the dealer is telling you. You will get accurate readings from an odometer. 

Why Check Vehicle's History?

If you are still not convinced about looking at vehicle history reports because of the odometer, then you should know it is not the only importance of vehicle history reports. There are many reasons you should be aware of a vehicle’s past before buying it. 

If you want to buy a used vehicle, you should not buy it only because of its condition. You should look into many factors, especially the legal ones. These days, scams are getting more and more common. There are fraud buyers who do not tell the real specifications of the vehicle and hide the real factors from the buyers. You should be aware of those conditions. 

Many buyers also change the titles of their vehicles in order to make them more appealing to the buyers. They tell fake features and specifications in order to grab as much money as they can. Now, you may ask, how you can check the history of a vehicle without any cost and also the real features. Well, it is pretty simple. is the best place to find out the real features of a vehicle and uncover the facts. You will be getting plenty of reports by a simple search of vehicle identification numbers. It can play a crucial role in deciding if you should buy that vehicle or not. We are sure you will find it a lot helpful.