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How to Charge a Battery Without a Charger?


To avoid trouble while buying a used vehicle, you need to check your car history. If you do not do that, the chances of getting a bad vehicle increase. And you will face battery charging issues as well. To help you out, let us tell you some of the best ways to charge a battery without a charger.

Portable jump starter

Portable jump starters are the most innovative technology in the past few years. They’re like the popular battery banks for portable devices that charge mobile phones. However, they’re built with a larger capacity battery and are specifically designed for car battery clips. If you own an electric jump starter for your vehicle you can attach the clip to battery terminals, turn the device on, and then start your journey. If you’re looking for a new you should look for an electric jump starter that is portable and has enough power to crank up your engine.

Jump off the back of another vehicle

Jumper cables are a fast cost-effective, simple, and inexpensive method to charge a battery that is dead. The concept is to use a different (good) power source to power your engine and let your alternator charge your battery while you drive. Before you use any other vehicle, make sure you check car records by VIN to make sure the vehicle is good.

Simply connect a cable of red to the dead battery, and another red clip to the battery that is good. Connect the black ground to the car that is working and the final ground to the car that is disabled. Begin the car that you are working on and allow it some time to recharge your battery, and then attempt to start the disabled vehicle.

Make use of a solar-powered charger

Have some spare time to spare or are you looking to finish your job in a more sustainable method? The majority of car battery chargers just keep the battery charged however, a more expensive solar charger with a space of several square feet could charge an empty car battery. Remember that even using a 300-watt solar panel takes between five and eight hours. Install the panels to the sun, switch the power source on and sit back and wait. The problem will be solved but you’re not going to be anywhere for long.

Battery isolator

If you own an RV then you’re probably already familiar with them. Dual battery isolation kits are basically a relay that allows the charging of two batteries from one alternator. Although battery isolators are beneficial in RVs for charging deep-cycle batteries that power accessories, it’s likely you have this device in your vehicle or SUV.

It’s possible to install an isolator for batteries to your vehicle to drive and recharge as usual, however, it’s not an option to consider if your primary vehicle doesn’t start.


If you own a manual transmission, and at least one person who can help it is possible to make the engine begin. Also called “popping the clutch” the procedure goes like that: With the key placed in the “on” position, the clutch pressed, and the car in the second gear. Your companion (or buddies) is pushing the car on the flat or (very) slightly inclined terrain until it’s moving at least 5 mph. Then you can release the clutch. It is believed that activating the transmission when the vehicle is moving will force the engine to spin and start. You then sit and wait for the alternator to recharge the battery.

Next time you buy a used car, make sure you check mileage with VIN Number. It will help you avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. We hope you find this article of ours informative and helpful.