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How to Negotiate the Best Price on a Used Car?


It is crucial to look a vehicle up by VIN Number when it comes to buying a used car. But that alone will not help you get the best deal for that vehicle. There are a couple of things we would like to share with you which will help you negotiate the best price on a used car. 

Be Strategic

 If a lower price for your purchase is your goal it is important not to make the wrong strategy. Don’t appear as if you are overly demanding, and the dealer might not accept any concessions for your benefit. Don’t be too firm and they might view you as a pushover. Doing search recalls by VIN also help you in your strategy because you come to know about the vehicle information. 

If you meet with the salesperson and make your offer, you must be respectful but firm. Inform them that you’ve conducted your research and have a clear estimate of what the vehicle is worth. Do not let them divert the conversation and remain focused on the subject you’re dealing with. The salesperson might be trying to distract you by bringing up insurance, financing, or additional services like maintenance plans; this is a trap that you must be aware of and avoid.

Use the opportunity to be clear about the reason why the dealer should be willing to accept an offer that is lower. For instance, if you’ve observed the same vehicle being parked on the lot for several weeks and you’re able to convince the salesperson that making you a deal will allow space for a new vehicle. If the inspection revealed some minor issue that you’ll need to fix, be certain to mention that. The objective is to convince the dealer to recognize any issue that might justification for accepting your offer.

If the salesperson informs you that the dealer will not accept anything less than the price of the sticker take the opportunity to leave. Two possibilities are that the salesperson may suddenly suggest that you and your partner can agree on a price or hold your hands and remind you to return in the event that you decide to change your decision.

If the salesperson decides to go with the latter option, be prepared to offer an offer to counter for any amount suggested. The counteroffer could necessarily be lower than the retail price however, it’s an opportunity for further discussions. Now you could increase your price slightly but keep your ceiling in your mind. It might take some going shifting and turning, but eventually, you might be able to negotiate an amount that is acceptable to both parties.

Be Persistent

Negotiating is an art Sometimes salespeople simply do not be interested in what you’re saying. One tactic is to use tough tactics in order to ensure that get you to give up. Here is the ultimate assessment of your negotiation abilities comes into play.

If you’re not accepted in full, don’t lose your welcome. thank the person who made your offer, and inform them that you’re going to look for another vehicle. Provide your number and ask should they make a change of mind about an offer, they’ll contact you. And then wait to watch what transpires.

The Bottom Line

If you’re aware of what you want, and what it will cost then you’re close to getting there. Look through NADA, Kelley Blue Book, or Edmunds for price information. Private sellers and dealers have advantages and disadvantages. But be sure to thoroughly test drive and inspect the car prior to purchasing and also get the history report. For a brand-new used vehicle, CPO programs and leftover models are worth taking a look at. In the end, do not forget to check vehicle registration when you are making a deal.