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Theft & Recovery - What You Should Know

If you have a vehicle, then it is likely you think about its safety many times. The last thing you want with your vehicle is to get stolen. When a vehicle is stolen, you have no idea what legal limits it can cross. Your vehicle can be used for illegal activities, as well. This thing also implies when you are going to buy a used vehicle. You do not want to buy a stolen vehicle at any cost. And if the seller tries to lie and hide the details, you can check if a car is stolen free on

Theft Recovered Vehicle: What is it?

When your vehicle gets stolen, the first step you do is to report it to the insurance company. You should also report what happened to law enforcement as well. If your vehicle does not get found within a certain period of time, which is also set by your insurance company, then you will receive the payment within time. 

Your insurance will do a stolen car check and will follow its insurance policy. The company will follow its policy regarding the stolen vehicle’s title, which can later be converted into a SALVAGE title. Now, let us dive deep into other aspects of this topic. 

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Most people do not pay attention to the security of their vehicles. But they need to know they should always try to add extra security layers to their vehicles in order to keep them as safe as possible. It is easy to add an aftermarket car alarm. You can easily add a kill switch or even a steering wheel lock. A good stolen vehicle recovery system works like your third eye and makes sure your vehicle does not move an inch from where you have parked it. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Arguably the best system which can keep your vehicle safe all the time. Though you can easily do a VIN Check Stolen on our website, we do not want your own vehicle to get stolen. For this, you can use a stolen vehicle recovery system. 

This is basically a tracking system that uses GPS devices. If your vehicle has a GPS device attached to it, you can keep a track of its location all the time. If it is moved even an inch, you will know it. 

Now, during this situation, even if your vehicle gets stolen, you can easily get it back, and most importantly, as soon as possible. The sooner you get your vehicle back, the less trouble you will have to face, and you will get your vehicle in good condition. 


How Does This System Work?

The main source behind this system is a GPS tracker. The devices are used to monitor the location of the vehicle. So, if you want to know how to check if a car is stolen, it can help you with that. 

But there is not all good news, there is one downside of this system. It will require three satellites to triangulate to locate the car. Now, if those satellites are not covering a specific location, the system will get jammed and it will help you to locate your vehicle. And that is why these systems do not always have a 100% recovery rate. Lojack is a good example of this. It has a 90% recovery rate and uses an FM transmitter. For more information, you can check the police stolen vehicle database. 

If you want to buy a brand new car, then you should know there are security systems, such as OnStar, BMW Assist, etc., that you can subscribe to for adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle. 

Are They Effective?

As we have mentioned, they are not 100% effective. They might miss a chance or two, but still, they use advanced technology and let you know the location of your car. They have a very good recovery rate. So, if the chances of you getting your vehicle back are over 90%, then it must be good, right? Lojack is considered one of the best-stolen vehicle recovery systems, and its stats are calculated by over 300,000 vehicles.