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These Are The Used Car Scams Going On In The Market Right Now

No matter where you go, you cannot hide from scammers. You will find the scammers in every field robbing everyone. But the good thing is, the more informed you are about the types of scams going on, the more chances you have to stay away from them. Now, let us have a look at the used car scams that you need to stay aware of right now.

Title Washing Scam

The title is a very important part of the vehicle. And this scam involves eliminating the titles of the used vehicle. It mainly involves those vehicles that have already been destroyed due to incidents, such as floods, accidents, etc. They skip the owner’s transfer and leins, which are part of this scam. The main reason for this scam is to eliminate the car history or history of the vehicle. It means you cannot get the history reports if you do a free VIN Search. It allows the scammers to provide a new title to the vehicle, which means no history at all. Although it is hard to execute, you should still be aware of such information so that you do not become part of this scam when buying a used vehicle.

Wire Transfer and Gift Card Scams

Out of all, these are the most common scams you will ever come across in the market. In this scam, people who are looking for buying cars will call toll-free numbers they find online. The scammer on the other side says that they accept payment only as gift cards. Once you provide them with the digits, the money is gone. The worst thing is you cannot trace these cards and even the police cannot really do anything about it. The best way to act during these moments is to contact the gift card company itself and let them know what has happened to you. If you are fortunate enough, you will get a refund. You can also do a car VIN Search in order to learn more about the car and its history. It will help you to make good decision before buying a new car and save you from the scammers.