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Free title number lookup: you must check us once for a free title check!!


Purchasing a car can be an exciting endeavor, but there’s a bit of a task to be done if you decide to buy a used one. It is essential to make sure that the car you are considering purchasing is secure as well as reliable, and legally readily available.

Many unsuspecting buyers discover later that they purchased the vehicle that was stolen or that the vehicle has already been totaled. A title check before buying a car can help avoid the pain of a buyer’s regret.
The car’s undercarriage and trying it out on a test drive don’t provide the complete story. Learn more about the ways a title search could help.

What is a Title Check for a Car?

Every car is given a unique 17-digit identifier, also known as the vehicle identification number. Each of those numbers will tell you something particular about the vehicle, like the location of manufacture, the manufacturing plant, engine type, brake system, and other details.
Conducting a title search on your car will reveal the background of the vehicle you are considering, including title transfers or damage claims as well as recalls. Be an informed buyer and conduct a free title search before purchasing.

Why Should I Conduct a Car Title Search?

If you’re looking for a used car that can handle all your needs, you can opt for the best vehicle that meets your requirements. You may have moved to a new location or are planning to purchase your first vehicle.

Before you accept all documents and sign all agreements with excitement, there are a few crucial things to be aware of. A false report on the vehicle will protect you from having to pay a hefty amount.

You may be buying an auto with ingenuity that makes an extensive vehicle title check essential. In other instances, you might have acquired the car that was reported stolen from another state. This is why it’s important to conduct an easy and quick car title check prior to purchasing the vehicle. Use Car serial number decoder to know your serial number of cars.

What is a Car title check?

All you require to start is your VIN of your car’s 17-digits (if the car was built before 1981, it would have 5-13 digits) prior to performing a car title search. The VIN is on the dashboard of the driver’s side or the driver’s door and at the bottom of the engine block, and inside the spare tire.

It is recommended to locate and record the VIN yourself rather than obtain the vendor’s registration to confirm the authenticity. After that, you can compare it to what’s on the registration. The VINs should be identical. Then, follow these steps in three simple steps:

  • Check out the official site of VinPit, which is a fantastic tool to use for VIN search.
  • Enter the entire VIN.
  • Click “Scan VIN,” then click the “Check VIN” button to perform a quick VIN test.

What can I learn from a title check on a car?

    • There is only one way you can uncover the hidden secrets of a used car to conduct a title search. Conducting a title search can reveal a wealth of details regarding what happened during the car’s past. You’ll discover important information like:
    • Full ownership record
    • Total loss write-offs
    • Title branding is an essential element in the design of a car. It signifies that a state agency has rescued the vehicle because of damage caused by a collision with a fire, flood, or hail.
    • A history of theft that will reveal if the vehicle was ever discovered
    • Salvage title
    • Odometer rollbacks
    • There could be a lien outstanding on the car. It is a sign that someone owes money to the vehicle.
    • Warranty and recalls
    • Sales History
    • Market value
    • There are numerous advantages when buying a pre-owned car. It is usually less expensive and more affordable to insure, and comes with an extremely depreciated price. But, when you have such problems in the present, it is important to conduct background checks to ensure your safety.