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Free vehicle history report: here, you will get it done for free!! can assist a used purchaser in making an educated choice. We go through an abundance of information to provide the information you need to analyze any car: vehicle specifications:

  • Year of construction
  • Colour
  • technical characteristics
  • Optional equipment, installed, and much more.

Security Ratings (IIHS tests results)

  • crash-worthiness (how does the vehicle safeguard its occupants in the event of a crash)
  • mitigation of crashes (available technology to avoid the risk of a crash or to reduce the severity of a crash)

Market Value is the estimated average price people pay for the same car in your region.
It is a valuable method to find out the value of your car to assist you in negotiating the best price.
Fuel Efficiency How far a car can go on a certain quantity of gasoline.
Warranty/Manufacturer Recall: warranty problems or recalls.
Title records:

  • Name of the city or state
  • The number of times the vehicle was registered

Sales records list vehicles sold by a dealership or private event.
Lien Records: documents that prove the vehicle’s ownership by an entity that finances the vehicle. You can check previous owners of a vehicle free.

Accident Reports Major and minor accidents, particularly those covered by a police report.

  • Each year the NHTSA announces about Six (6) million accidents involving cars.
  • In 2016, a fatal car crash caused 37,461 deaths.

    Theft Records: information about theft and recovery from the NICB (the FBI) and other industry sources.

  • In 2017 the number of thefts from motor vehicles reached 237.4 for every 100,000 US population.
  • In the 773,139 instances of vehicle theft, 75.4 percent were cars.

Title Brand Checks: all potential title brand names issued by states DMVs against the title. looks at more than 268 million vehicles registered in 50 states to locate any title brand linked to a license plate number or VIN. What are the possible issues with title brands, as well as illegal practices used to conceal the title brand?

The damage caused by flooding is now a significant issue within the United States in recent years. This is a major issue for car owners as well as buyers. In 2017 hurricane Harvey affected the streets of a half-million vehicles. The year after, more water-damaged vehicles are brought back into the market for used cars because of the flooding caused by hurricanes. Cars damaged in their electronic wiring, mechanical systems, or other components could pass an inspection. But these issues could come back in the future. Conducting a VIN flood check will allow you to determine the car was submerged by Harvey. Harvey. If you are in any doubt, you could use our no-cost vehicle background report to learn about the full story behind a car.

Odometer rollback is the manipulation of the odometer in order to make the car appear to have lower mileage. It makes the customer think that it has more value than the actual value. Understanding the precise mileage of your car is essential to ensure safe driving. It will tell you when your vehicle has reached the point at which parts of it require replacement. About 10% of cars across the US have odometers that have been altered. Over half these cars have odometers that are rolled back by up to 50,000 miles!

Vehicles that are salvaged are vehicles that have been damaged by hail, flooding, or other reasons. The actual or estimated cost of repair is greater than a specific percent of the value. Unscrupulous sellers conceal the state of a salvaged vehicle by cleaning the title. They transfer the vehicle to a permissive state, which can issue clean titles. The rules for branding and total loss vary by state.

VIN Cloning is the process of using the VIN of an official vehicle to salvage or stolen car with the same make and model. The vehicle with the VIN that is cloned has been registered at the DMV in a different state. Anyone who buys a car that has a the cloned VIN could be at risk of losing their car. The buyer is liable for outstanding auto loans, even if authorities take the vehicle for evidence. Many stolen vehicles could have been copied VINs in the US. The government, however, doesn’t have exact numbers because the majority of cases have not been identified or reported. If you still have the question, can I check vin history for free so yes you can check info is one of the best examples.