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How Long Can You Drive On a Spare Tire?


People check car accident history, but they forget to check the reason for the accident. We do not want you to be in that place, so you need to learn the delicate matters.

How many miles can you travel with the spare tire?

A common sense rule of thumb would be to keep the distance traveled by the spare tire to less than 50 miles. This is assuming that your vehicle has an extremely compact “donut” spare that’s stored in the cargo area or beneath the vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for more information.
Spare tires are less long and wider than factory-fitted tires.

They spin more than other tires on your car and the contact area (where the rubber touches roads) is significantly smaller than the standard tire. The result is that the tire has a heavier smaller area of contact and not only reduces handling capabilities but also wears out the tire faster.

Additionally, there isn’t enough tread on a spare tire so they’re not very robust over long distances. You will not find it in a car accident report.

How fast can you go with the spare tire?

Limit vehicle speeds to 50 mph when driving with a small spare tire.

Standard car tires are rated according to the speed at which they are able to be able to travel. Car tires for passengers are rated at a speed that is ranging from 81 mph all the way to over 186mph on performance-oriented vehicles. Tires that are used for spares are not engineered to stand up to continuous high-speed use or any other type of driving and the majority of manufacturers declare that they are not intended for use at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour.

Different types of spare tires

The majority of users are aware of”donuts” or the “donut” compact spare that’s placed in the cargo area or under the vehicle, but there are other kinds of spare tires your vehicle could be outfitted with.


Large spares are not common in modern automobiles due to the space they occupy as well as the cost to manufacturers to incorporate them into new vehicles. If you own a large spare in good condition (properly filled, with sturdy tread, etc. ) You can exchange your flat tire for the spare tire and be in your car without any limit on speed or distance.

Standard spare

The majority of vehicles have the compact “donut” spare that is made to fit either under the cargo area of an SUV or underneath the trunk of a normal car. Vans and trucks may include a spare tire under the vehicle, maximizing storage space.

Keep in mind the golden rule of 50/50 in the event of an engine failure and your car is equipped with a “donut” spare.

Next time, you get a free VIN check accident report, make sure you do not do what they did.