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Top 5 Reasons a Car Battery Dies


If you have bought a car by doing a look-up by VIN number, then chances are it will be good. But you cannot look for the reason why your car battery is dying. So, we are here to help you out.

Lights left on

This occurs all the time and it’s not just a matter of time. A lot of newer cars have an alarm that turns off the lights after just a few minutes when you don’t remember to turn the lights on. However, if your vehicle doesn’t come with this feature, you could quickly go off and keep the lights on for a long time until they’ve completely drained the battery.

If this continues to happen it’s time to get in the habit of taking an e-book about whether or not you have lights on or off. If it’s daylight and it’s difficult to determine if they’re running or not, look for the switch on your dashboard. Set up a reminder on a Post-It for yourself in case you need to since any battery that is completely drained at any time will decrease its lifespan. You can also do VIN check USA and find the reports to help you learn what should be good for your car.

Bad alternator

It’s the most prevalent reason for a dead battery. The alternator has a limited life span and, on a lot of vehicles, it’s likely to fail after 150,000 miles. The alternator that’s failing will not charge the battery when you’re driving, or it may function in a sporadic manner until it is completely destroyed.

If you think the alternator could be on the way out be sure to check the ammeter on your dashboard to see whether it is charging (or be on the lookout to see the red warning indicator). Many auto parts stores perform a free test on the power source. If you’re skilled, the alternator shouldn’t be that difficult to change for a lot of cars.


The battery’s terminals and cables are susceptible to corrosion over time. This can manifest as a floppy white, powdery, or greenish-white layer on the terminals. This is usually the reason that battery cells in cars fail.

The great thing is that it’s relatively easy to get rid of corrosion on batteries and cables by using a wire brush. You can avoid the issue in the future by installing anticorrosion washers with felt on the battery posts as well as an electrochemical grease like Vaseline on the posts as well as cable clamps.

Old/weak battery

Sometimes, it’s an end road for the battery. As the battery’s power decreases it will turn the engine at a slower rate. It may not be able to power your radio, or any other devices for a long time before exhausting as well.

Find the date of purchase in the case of your battery (the tiny cutouts of the month and year at the front on the cover) If the battery is getting close to the expiration date of its warranty period It’s likely time to buy an upgrade. Be aware that if the battery doesn’t last for its whole warranty period You may be able to receive a credit when you purchase a replacement.

Parasitic drain

There are a few devices in your car that always place the battery under a slight strain. the battery. For instance, the radio draws an occasional charge throughout the day, so it is able to save presets for radio stations.

A parasitic drain, on other hand, is a condition that is causing enough draw on the battery that it depletes it. It could be caused by a dead wire within the electric system. It can be difficult to find and could require the assistance of a technician.

Also, check that the things you use for light in the glove box or dome light aren’t on and draining the battery. If you’re handy utilize a test light and multimeter to determine the extent of any parasitic drain yourself. If you want to find more solutions for your used vehicle, then do a free VIN owner lookup before buying the vehicle.