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How To Polish A Car Yourself?


You can always find car value by VIN number. It will help you buy a good vehicle. But you also have to maintain that vehicle later. And we can help you do that.

Cleanse the car

While it’s tempting to dive into the polishing process but first, you’ll need to give your vehicle a thorough clean.

To reduce the chance of scratching your car in the wash process, make use of two buckets, one filled using soap and water and the other one with pure water. When you wash, you must continuously dip your glove in the water that is clean to wash off any debris prior to going to wash with soap.

Work in sections, and always in shade, not in the direct sunlight.

When you’ve finished the thorough cleaning, dry your vehicle by using a chamois glove or a full-sized chamois. The final thing you need will be water spots that you have to deal with while polishing your car. You can also an engine VIN Number lookup before making sure your engine is right and other parts are good.

Apply the polish

You can choose to go with the classic technique to apply the polish manually or make use of the orbital buffer.

Deciding between the two options is based on personal preference and the capability of the person who applies polish. Hand polishing is considered to be an experience of touch that could improve the connection between the person applying it and their vehicle. Additionally, hand polishing can be easier for novices than orbital buffers.

However orbital polishing requires time and dedication to master. The advantage of using an orbital polisher lies in the fact that when used by a skilled person it gives quick and consistent results. However, the first few times can be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with the process.

Rinse the vehicle once more

No matter which method of polishing you decide to employ, you’ll need to give your car an extensive rinse and wash another time after the polishing process is complete. Be sure to dry your vehicle completely after this process.

Use a wax coating

After you’ve put all that effort to polish and shine your car, it’s time to shield the car by applying wax.

If you are using an orbital polisher, use it on a soft foam pad, and apply a mixture of 60:40 that includes finishing paste, and wax. If you apply the wax using a hand Follow the directions of the manufacturer and use a clean, soft sponge to spread the wax over the entire vehicle.

When the car is dry (whether by using an orbital polisher or hand) then use an emery cloth to clean any wax that remains on the surface of your vehicle. As you go to make sure that the wax doesn’t clog the microfiber, making the job harder.

How do you polish a car using a hand?

Begin by applying around one tablespoon of polish on the pad of an applicator. Apply the polish using circular movements, working in smaller sections at one time. If you apply the polish on sections that are big and the polish will dry too fast.

As the pad isn’t wet at first, you’ll notice that the applicator is drying quickly in the beginning, and then you’ll have to reduce the amount of product until the pad of the applicator becomes saturated. Use your fingertips only Instead, utilize the flat side of your palm and fingers to ensure that the pressure is even. Apply the cream until only a thin layer or cloud remains.

Use a microfiber polishing cloth to get rid of the hazy polish from every tiny section you’ve done. Repeat this procedure to finish until the vehicle has been cleaned. Be quick and don’t allow the polish to dry. If you let it dry then you’ll end up with cloudy, but not the shine you’re seeking.
Always do a VIN number check up before buying a used vehicle to reduce your trouble later.