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How to check if a car is stolen free Your Vehicle’s DNA

If you own a car, There are instances when you’ll need to know the VIN. For instance, when applying for insurance on your car or the registration of your vehicle. It’s a must when you sell your vehicle. The VIN on a vehicle can also be used to check a background check on a car or SUV you’re considering purchasing. What is the definition of a VIN number? What is the VIN number? What is the VIN number on the car?

What is the best way to locate where to find the VIN?

The car’s VIN number is found in a variety of locations on your vehicle. Most likely, the car’s VIN number can be located on the dashboard that is located on the driver’s side vehicle. The most efficient way to find the VIN is to stand outside the vehicle from the driver’s side and then look through the windshield towards the edge of the dashboard, positioned to meet the windshield.

If your VIN number is not visible on the driver’s door and then look at the door’s posts (where you latch the door once it is closed). You can be sure that your VIN number will be displayed at this point. Many gasoline powered vehicles also include the VIN number printed at the top of each engine block.

You can find your VIN code on your vehicle’s insurance card, as well as on the registration and title for your vehicle. For motorcycles, your VIN number is typically +in the neck of the frame. Similar to automobiles, bikes before 1981 go through the engine numbers, usually located on engine cases.

Perform a vehicle that was stolen VIN check using BeenVerified

It’s crucial to conduct an investigation before buying a used vehicle or dealing with a private seller. A car that’s stolen, regardless of whether you’re aware of the theft, could cause you to be in many legal issues. The vehicle will be confiscated, and you may be taken to jail or pay hefty penalties.

The most effective method to identify an unintentionally stolen vehicle is to perform a VIN search online. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), composed of 17 letters, functions as a unique identification number for every vehicle. By using this number, you will be able to find the car’s history, including ownership, title, and title, that will help you to make an informed purchase.

BeenVerified is among the most comprehensive people search engines. It lets you find essential information about a car through a quick VIN or license plate search. It also provides name search, reverse phone lookup, and additional options for searching.

Monitor ownership of your vehicle with a Bumper

A bumper is a different professional tool for searching vehicles. If you’re looking to purchase an older vehicle and want to understand it better, This tool can be beneficial. When you search using the VIN (or license plate), you’ll be able to find information on accident information as well as salvage and branded names, standard equipment, and recalls from manufacturers, in addition, to trim and equipment specifications, sales data, and market value, as well as the cost of ownership. You can also get free car facts by Bumper.

Learn about the history of your car using EpicVIN

EpicVIN is also a dependable and trusted data provider approved by NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). With more than 350 million records it is easy to determine if the vehicle was stolen or being sold.

Check out the official sources.

If third-party VIN check services aren’t working with you, here are official resources you can go to.


VINCheck from NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) is a no-cost service to verify the records of your vehicle for salvage and insurance theft claims. It is possible to perform up to five searches in 24 hours.

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

This is an official resource for the registration of vehicles and driver’s licenses, occupational licenses, and much more. You’ll have to make an official application and shell out a cost to obtain the information.

Contact your insurance company.

Insurance companies maintain their database of vehicles. Ask your insurance provider to get assistance and ask them to determine whether the vehicle has been taken away and if the VIN was cloned or transferred. These methods can all aid you in getting a free VIN check stolen.